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Glen Childers

Glen Childers

Childers family

Back (left to right): Ross Childers, Kelly Childers, Peyton Bollinger, Chan Childers, Kelsey Childers, Sheldon Bollinger, Noli Bollinger (holding Delaney Childers)

Front: (left to right): Ainsley Childers, Kale Bollinger, Rylee Childers Hayes Bollinger

A Pioneering Spirit

Glen Childers was born in Henrietta, Texas in 1912. Two short years later, the Childers family loaded up all their belongings and headed north. After 1100 miles by train and 100 more by covered wagon, the family found a spot near Jordan, Montana to homestead.

Glen attended school whenever it was offered and worked whatever jobs he could. He never knew the words “back up” or “quit.”  In 1937 Glen married Peggy Huston, then in 1939 bought the start of the 7-V Ranch in the Brusett area of Garfield County.

Glen and Peg were pioneers in Montana's outfitting industry.  In 1951, they became one of the first four outfits in the state to offer guided hunts and the first in eastern Montana.  For the next three decades, Glen and Peg hosted hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts - primarily hunters, but they also branched out to accommodate fishermen, sightseers and those wanting to experience a working ranch.  

In 1983, due to failing health, Glen turned the reins over to his son Ross and his wife, Kelly.  Ross had been a part of the operation since 1960, when he was 12 years old.  Ross and Kelly have carried on Glen and Peg's legacy of providing unforgettable hunting experiences.  Many clients leave 7-V Ranch the first time as lifelong friends.  

Hunting methods have been refined and facilities expanded in the decades since Ross and Kelly took over.  In 1991, Ross purchased a ranch located in the heart of the Missouri River Breaks.  This opened up premiere elk hunting to the outfitter and solidified the 7-V as the place to hunt in "The Breaks".  

Today, the third generation is set to carry the torch lit by Glen more than 70 years ago.  Ross and Kelly's son, Chan, has been guiding for over 20 years and is transitioning into the outfitter role.  Their daughter, Noli, has become the lifeblood of the lodge and wins guests' hearts with her warmth and cooking!


Vintage 7-V Ranch logo
Glen Childers with buck

Glen Childers with buck

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