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Accommodations at 7-V Ranch Outfitting

At 7-V Ranch Outfitting, you will enjoy a private party cabin to lay your head down in at night.  The cabins are fully furnished with beds, bedding, a full bathroom, towels and propane heat.  The larger occupancy cabins now feature on-demand hot water heaters.  Regardless of how many are in your party, everyone can enjoy a hot shower after a cold day in the field.


Breakfast and supper are served in house, with lunch in the field.  The biggest complaint the cooks receive are hunters go home packing more weight than when they arrived.  Good food, and lots of it, is a cornerstone of 7-V Ranch Outfitting!


After arriving at base camp, 7-V Ranch Outfitting handles all your transportation needs.  If you are unfamiliar with the term "gumbo", you will be well versed when you leave us the first time!  Our roads become "impassable when wet" to all, but the most seasoned drivers.  In the event you are not able to safely make it down to a basecamp, we will gladly come pick your party and gear up from the end of the gravel.  


The Lodge

The Lodge is the historic location, and main basecamp, for 7-V Ranch Outfitting.  Featuring 3 private party cabins, hunters can enjoy comradery and meals with fellow sportsmen while in camp.  Modern comforts, such as satellite TV and Wi-Fi are available while in the lodge.    


The Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse is the oldest occupied homestead cabin in the county.  Retrofitted with new windows, doors and roof, and featuring a new log addition housing a full bathroom and kitchen area, this "old-meets-new" camp is the best of both worlds. Located in the heart of the Missouri River Breaks, this basecamp puts you within a few minutes' walk of incredible archery elk hunting.  The Bunkhouse is used for a portion of both archery elk hunts and spring turkey hunts.  

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