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Mule and Whitetail Deer Hunting

Archery Deer Hunts

7-V Ranch Outfitting guides employ spot-and-stalk tactics for the majority of archery deer hunts.  Hunters can also be set up on field edges and game trails to wait for the big buck to wander into range.  Rolling hills, coulees and pine groves lend themselves to our high success rate for archery hunts.  

With over 80 square miles to hunt, sportsmen have the opportunity to go after both mule deer and whitetail.

To maximize the chance of success, our guides recommend archery hunters be proficient at 50+ yards.  

We offer 5-day archery deer hunts with either one-on-one or two-on-one hunter to guide ratios.

Rifle Deer Hunts

 Mule deer are often regarded as "the deer of the west" and are one of the most iconic animals in western North America.  Clients return to 7-V Ranch Outfitting year after year, oftentimes for decades, following their first mule deer hunt.


Hunting western whitetail is a whole different experience from ambushing their eastern counterparts.  These cunning critters are worthy adversaries to even the most seasoned hunter.  We spot-and-stalk in open terrain, a challenge against the whitetail's keen senses.  

At 7-V Ranch Outfitting, we manage our deer populations with the next year in mind.  We strive to only harvest mature bucks from our 80 square miles of hunting ground. 

We offer 4-day rifle deer hunts with either one-on-one or two-on-one hunter to guide ratios.  


Combo Hunts

Have more than one tag to fill?  No problem! We offer combo hunts with elk, deer and antelope.  

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